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We started out 2015 by taking a "Bucket List" trip to Antarctica.  We chose to go on the Hurtigruten Fram, expedition cruise ship.  It was an amazing trip, as we camped overnight in Antarctica, hiked to a penguin colony, kayaked, and saw amazing ice formations and beautiful scenery.  We were excited to visit an actual working research station - The British base Rothera - it was the first time the Fram had visited there.

We saw countless whales, penguins and seals, and made some great friends. 

Here is a link to our photos:  Antarctica photos
2015 Antarctia Cruise
Gentoo Penguins
Chinstrap Penguins
Overnighting on Antarctica
Amazing Sunset in the Lemaire Channel
Neptune and the Captain pour ice-water down our backs as an initiation when crossing the Antarctic Circle
Typical Landing day